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Your Business Should Not Be Advertising

You heard me. Your business should not be advertising. Your business doesn’t need advertising. Advertising is costly and ineffective.

Your business needs marketing.

So what’s the difference? Advertising… Marketing… They’re just two words that mean the same thing, aren’t they? Actually, no. Advertising is a single promotion or persuasive message. Television commercials, web banners, and newspaper ads are all examples of advertising. But what is your advertising based upon? What goal is it designed to accomplish? How does each ad relate to each other and the ad that came before? What is your long-term goal and each ad’s role in supporting it? How is the advertising integrated with other facets of your business?

If you cannot answer any of these questions, cease your advertising immediately and contact Creative Resources Group. Here, we provide Marketing: the systematic planning, implementation, and control of multiple business activities for the purpose of uniting buyers and sellers.

Translation: Marketing is a strategy. A strategy integrating elements of advertising, research, media planning, public relations, product development and pricing, distribution, customer support, sales strategy, community involvement and more.

And advertising without marketing? Think of it like driving without a map. You’re moving, but who knows where you’re going. You may luck out and end up where you want to be, but it’s more likely that you’ll hit a dead end, or worse.

Our business is to improve your business. Lets talk.

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You can have the best commercial, the best website, and the most creative ideas on the planet – but without a coordinated and well-executed marketing plan, it all means nothing. Businesses who operate this way are out of business, and they don't even know it yet.

- Charlie Rasak, President

Business Plan, Meet Marketing Plan

A business plan is a blueprint for your business. But unlike a blueprint, it should not be tossed aside once your company is built and established. Your business plan should be a living document, growing and changing with you and outlining the route you intend to take for increased revenue and continued success.

Marketing is an integral part to any business plan and is often the means to the ends described therein.

Creative Resources Group has over 20 years experience developing and managing strategic, integrated marketing programs for a wide variety of clients in a multitude of industries. Our objective-driven approach is based on your specific needs and budget, along with tons of market research, both local and national.

Our team starts by asking questions, listening closely, and reviewing your business plan. We may perform additional research, examine your current advertising, and even visit your facility. The result is a custom tailored marketing plan designed to overcome challenges, meet your goals, and work to support your overall business plan.

As a full service advertising and marketing agency, Creative Resources Group produces and coordinates each element of your marketing plan and designs them to work together. So whether it’s video, television commercials, radio commercials, a new website, print advertising, logo or collateral design, mobile campaigns, or social media, the call to action and the strength of your brand is consistent throughout.

Since video production, web design and development, media planning and purchase, and graphic design departments are all centralized under one roof, Creative Resources Group is also agile and responsive, able to recognize your needs or changing market conditions and provide quick turnaround.

Think Local, Think Global

Creative Resources Group is committed to the community, working for our neighbors right here on the South Shore of Massachusetts. We also work regionally, for businesses and associations with locations and affiliates all over New England. And, we work across the globe, for large national and international corporations. Although this extensive and varied experience may seem divergent, it is actually one of our distinct advantages, providing our clients with a uniquely open perspective and a broader creative spectrum. Creative Resources Group knows what works. And, we can intuitively apply these best marketing practices economically across an array of industries in virtually any market.