Introducing SAVI Services from Creative Resources Group

Many auto dealers spend thousands of dollars with their digital marketing provider each month, but their return on this investment is a mystery. Creative Resources Group is changing the game with its new offering: SAVI (Simple Analytical Verification Information) services.

Creative Resources Group has introduced SAVI services to help clients gain greater clarity into the impact of their digital ad spend. We serve as a partner and advocate, making sense of click-through rates, goal conversions, impressions and other data to give clients an informed, independent perspective on what it all means.

For a flat monthly fee, Creative Resources Group performs the following SAVI services each month:

  • Assess whether digital marketing efforts are producing qualified leads.
  • Attribute each sale and calculate the ROI for all digital channels.
  • Accompany the client to meetings with the digital vendor to ask the right questions and get concrete answers.
  • Produce post-meeting reports that help the client make sense of the vendor’s analysis and recommendations.
  • Educate the client using buzzword-free language that leads to better-informed decisions and more sales.
  • Determine which services to keep, add or cut — and how much money to invest in each.

“Our goal with SAVI services is to reduce the complexity involved with digital strategic planning,” says Charlie Rasak, Creative Resources Group president and creative director. “We specialize in translating geek speak into simple English. That means pointing out in black and white what’s working, what isn’t and what clients should consider switching up.”

To learn more about SAVI services from Creative Resources Group, please call 508-830-0072