Project Description

Peters of Nashua is a New Hampshire auto group including Peters Honda and Peters Nissan. Prior to CRG Auto, Peters traditional automotive-style TV commercials did not stand out from their competition. Online, they employed many digital services and vendors, but were unsure of the real return that each channel delivered.

CRG Auto performed an in depth ROI analysis, delivering data that allowed us to streamline all of Peters media. CRG then implemented a new blended marketing strategy that coordinated the most effective traditional and digital elements.

An all new creative approach was designed to separate Peters from anything else in the market: clean graphics, whimsical elements, a bubbly female announcer, and an unforgettable signature end tag. In this Telly Award winning example, “I Pick Peters,” CRG Auto also incorporates traditional auto advertising elements, like a low payment leader, to drive sales.

The new strategy and creative approach led to a dramatic increase in sales for both Peters Honda and Peters Nissan. By streamlining and optimizing media, CRG Auto also helped Peters to decrease their advertising budget without sacrificing the results.

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