Caleb Rasak

Director of Photography
508-830-0072 x205

Caleb Rasak. Name sound familiar? Yes, Caleb is one of Dawn and Charlie Rasak’s two sons. Having been born into the craft, Caleb seemed destined to follow in his father’s film and video footsteps. He started young, working for CRG as a production assistant, and soon developed a real passion for the art of videography.

And when your parents own Creative Resources Group… Let’s just say that doesn’t hurt your chances in the industry either. “Yeah, it was like being 3 years old and walking into a candy store with 20 bucks,” Caleb says.

Born in Plymouth, Massachusetts, Caleb received his formal training in film and video at Boston University’s Center for Digital Imaging Arts. After graduating, he took a full time position with Boston’s High Output while maintaining part time work at the family business, Creative Resources Group. Now CRG’s Director of Photography, Caleb’s credits include Work Out World and Boston Analytical.

Caleb currently resides in Rockland, Massachusetts with his college sweetheart and CRG video editor, Gina Gaetano.