Dawn Rasak

CEO, Media Buyer
508-830-0072 x203

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Dawn Rasak, established Creative Resources Group in 1991. She had previously served as Local Media Director for CBS, overseeing media placement for many fortune 500 clients. However, she knew she could puchase traditional media more cost effectively, and she wanted to better serve small to medium sized businesses.

Creative Resources Group, now a leading integrated marketing company, achieves clients’ goals by effectively blending time-tested marketing strategies with new media solutions.

Dawn leads CRG’s Media Services department in the development of focused, inventive, and ROI driven media efforts. She is a catalyst for our team’s creative use of new and emerging media and the development of cross-platform media programs. It’s an exciting time in the fields of marketing and communications, and Dawn is proud to be here at the forefront.

Aside from helping her clients overcome their challenges, Dawn applies her enthusiasm and seemingly endless energy to her family. She embraces and encourages the passions of her two sons, Caleb in film and video and Casey in baseball. (Someday, maybe pro!) She also loves the outdoors, the sun, the sand, and the garden. Recently, Dawn shared her passion for natural foods with the community, creating a healthful initiative with local radio station WPLM. They provide locally grown, healthy foods to the under-served right here on the South Shore. Dawn is also married to CRG co-owner, Charlie Rasak. The two share an infectious laugh and unparalleled lust for life – you can’t help but get caught up in the fun.