Dennis Huston

Vice President – Art Director
508-830-0072 x202

Dennis Huston, Creative Resources Vice President and Art Director, has a passion for beauty, art, creativity and invention. He learned to draw well as a kid. Practicing and developing these skills, he realized he was communicating in another language, a universal language. Perfecting and crafting his interests evolved into his successful lifelong quest in advertising, marketing and communication.

Being an intense listener, he has fine-tuned the communication arts with people, graphics, writing, and digital design, embracing both traditional and new medias. He cares about the needs of his clients and is excited to develop their visions into powerful visual messages. Striving for excellence in all that he produces for Creative Resources Group. Dennis continuously researches all advancements in his field and regularly attends workshops in order to add new skills and improve his techniques. As importantly, Dennis lives his art – painting and photographing, as well as writing. At home on the cape, he enjoys his classic cars, creative cooking, reading, viewing and analyzing films.
His attention to detail and organization, love of the arts, culture, and other worldly skills, blend harmoniously in creating premium marketing solutions for any industry. These ongoing efforts in concert with his many talents offer unlimited benefits to us and to our clients.