Jessica Banis

Associate Producer/Editor
508-830-0072 x208

Jessica Banis received her first video camera in 8th grade and hasn’t stopped creating since. She attended Boston University’s College of Communication, where she was immediately drawn to video editing. In 2003, she graduated Summa Cum Laude with a degree in Film and Television and joined the CRG team just a few years later.

Now, with over 10 years of experience, Jess leads CRG’s video department as Editor and Associate Producer.

“Video is so much different today,” she says. “Everyone’s got cameras. The software is easy… And everyone can edit. That’s true. Anybody can push buttons. But there’s only a few who really know how to manipulate those elements to tell a story and capture your emotion. A true editor is a brilliant storyteller.”

Jess is unmistakable on the roads of the South Coast, driving a modified yellow 1988 Toyota 4Runner. She and her husband Mike enjoy spending time with their son Mikey and daughter Zaida, travel, and all sorts of motor sports. They own an ATV, motorcyle, boat, camper, 1969 Camero, and 1978 TransAm. As a native Cape Codder, Jess is thankful for the opportunity to follow her video editing passion so close to family and friends.