An All-New Way to Meet CRG

At Creative Resources Group, advertising and marketing is a partnership between ourselves and our clients. From our mission statement, “We firmly believe that when our clients succeed, we succeed.” So, naturally, frequent communication between CRG and our clients is essential.

That’s why we’re proud to introduce an easier and more convenient and efficient communication tool; one that will better facilitate multi-media presentations without the hassle of scheduling, travel, and a ton of printed materials. Live online video streaming.

Unlike other web meeting services, CRG’s live video channels require no special equipment, no third party website, and no telephone ID codes to punch in. All you need is a telephone (or cell phone) and a computer with access to the internet and speakers. At the time of your meeting, just login to your Client Destination and find the meeting link. One click and you’re in! The meeting has started. CRG will show you all your presentation materials right on the screen, including videos, websites, images, budgets, research, and more. Multiple attendants can even click in and participate in the meeting and view all the content on their own computers – no matter where they are located.

For our clients, live video streaming allows for easy and convenient communication with our entire marketing team. After all, anywhere you have internet access, you have access to CRG. And for Creative Resources Group, this new means of meeting allows us to share new ideas and data faster and easier then ever before, quickening our response time and strengthening our clients’ marketing approach.

At Creative Resources Group, communication is key to the strategic partnerships we maintain with our clients. We are consistently working to implement new ideas and technology that can better serve ourselves and our clients in this area. As the song goes, “The more we get together, the happier we’ll be.” And more successful too!

Good luck and good selling,

Your CRG Team!