And The Telly Goes To….

Plymouth, MA – July 2011 – To Creative Resources Group, Congratulations! Judging has been completed for your submissions to the 32nd Annual Telly Awards, and your work has been selected by the Telly Awards and our Silver Telly Council to receive a 2011 Telly Award… This is a tremendous honor! The Telly Awards receives over 13,000 entries annually from the finest ad agencies, production companies, TV stations, cable companies, interactive agencies, and corporations in the world. It is a remarkable achievement to be selected for recognition….Once again, our congratulations on your achievement! Linda Day, Executive Director, 32nd Annual Telly Awards


Meet The Award Winning Videos

Das Boot

[hdplay id=3]

This commercial was produced for Work Out World in February 2010. With an aggressive broadcast media buy and a fun animated creative execution, the spot aimed to take a bite out of WOW’s competitor, Planet Fitness. And, in having fun with the script, it was Creative Director Charlie Rasak who came up with the idea to say “das boot!” instead of “the boot.” (“Das boot” actually means “the boat” in German, but in this case, it was more of an attention grabber then a German shout-out.) Editor Jessica Banis punctuated the ad with plenty of 2D animation and sound effects. “Just listen to the spot,” she says. “The spaceship flies in – Jetson’s Car sound effect, slurps up the text, swishes at camera… The Boot falls out of the sky with a cartoon falling sound, lands with a splat, the gear makes a squish sound, the boot thud-kicks the gear, and it goes flying with another swish off screen…. And all within about four seconds!” The offer, $10 down and $10 per month with no commitment for 10 days only, was highly successful for Work Out World. They continued in this style throughout winter and spring of 2010.


CRG Montage 2010

[hdplay id=2]

Ironically, this video was also created in February 2010 for Creative Resources Group’s own website redesign. CRG wanted a video for their homepage to showcase core services and video production capabilities, in house resources, staff, clients, and of course, videos of all types. Commercials, corporate videos, live events, webcasts, web videos, promotional videos, documentary and educational videos, and more. Based on one very hip piece of music and no voice over, the CRG Montage strung together all of these things, using new and old footage, photos, and a just little text here and there to accent. Since being implemented on the all-new, Creative Resources Group has received numerous compliments on the Montage. It’s fun, it’s hip, it moves quickly, and it showcases much of what CRG has to offer. The video is a great introduction… And now it’s an Award-Winning introduction.


“We are tremendously proud of this recognition from the Telly Award judges,” says President and Creative Director Charlie Rasak. “Our primary goal is to help all our clients succeed in the marketplace as they look toward growth.” Creative Resources Group’s unique creative capabilities, team, and experience are strategic strengths. At their core, CRG provides coordinated, intelligent marketing, designed to develop their clients businesses beyond the success of any one individual ad.