Creative Resources Group Invites You to “Shop Around” with the Massachusetts Association of Insurance Agents

Insurance. It’s everywhere! Television, radio, sports, internet, social …. A media onslaught of epic proportions, where characters, comedy, and enormous ad budgets fight to win your next insurance policy.

Geico and their lovable gecko spokes-character spent nearly $1 Billion for marketing in 2011. ( Progressive’s popular Flo saleswoman has over 5 million Likes on Facebook. And those are just two examples….

So Creative Resources Group faced quite a challenge when tasked to create an all-new advertising campaign for the Massachusetts Association of Insurance Agents. (MAIA) Local agents and their represented partner companies hoped to keep the advantage of choice and personal service top of mind with consumers. The 2013 campaign would also need to maintain and expand their 80% market share over national, direct writers like Geico and Progressive.

MAIA spent many years advertising on radio with their own character, Jimmy Rizzo – Cab 214, created by Ken Groppi  of Groppi Advertising, and recorded at Creative Resources Group. The campaign was successful for years, however, changing times called for a change in approach. So Groppi asked Creative Resources Group to present their research on the power of television advertising:

  • Television reaches more individuals each day than any other medium
  • Individuals spend more time with TV than any other medium
  • More individuals learn about products they would like to try or buy from television than any other medium
  • Television is the most influential advertising medium for individuals in making a purchase decision
  • Many individuals watch television while using their wireless devices including smartphones and tablets. (Sources available upon request.)

There was no question. Television, specifically broadcast television, was the way to go.

Creative Resources Group also researched the national insurance marketplace and demographics, pulling all the information together to create the “Shop Around” campaign commercials:

An intelligent and tech savvy talent, (played by Boston actress Sally Meehan) uses technology to shop around for the best deals. The commercials draw a parallel between Sally and her Massachusetts Independent Insurance Agent, (played by another local actress, Alexandra Bettencourt) who also shops around to find the best price on insurance. Two women who love to shop around… whether for shoes or insurance, they both get the best price on the best products. And, for viewers of the commercials, finding an agent to shop around for them is as easy as going to

After talent auditions and selection, Creative Resources Group shot four Shop Around commercials in February on location at The Book Shack, a store at the Independence Mall in Kingston, MA. A total of 40 commercials, four spots customized for 10 different partner company sponsors, began airing in the Boston and Springfield market exactly one month later, March 11, 2013. Commercials in April and May will add another five and 10 partner company sponsors, for a grand total of 100 spots.

CRG is working closely with to monitor site analytics in conjunction with the campaign’s call to action. Although the results are too early to call just yet, we are anticipating a big response, so stay tuned!

And in the mean time, check out the four Shop Around spots for yourself…

Shop Around 30s

Love What We Do 30s

What It’s All About 15s

Where You’ll Find 15s

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