Creative Resources Group Unveils the All-New – Again?

Plymouth, MA – Advertising and marketing company Creative Resources Group launches a much anticipated redesign of their website,

Wait a minute. Rewind. This sounds all too familiar… Didn’t CRG just launch an all-new website back in late 2009?! Yes, astute blog reader, you’re very right.

It was back in October of 2009 when we introduced’s first overhaul. This website had everything – a comprehensive Services section, huge Portfolio, informative About Us section, and so much more. The entire CRG team had a hand in the site’s ground-up construction and reveled in its launch.

But as we settled in to life with our new site, it became quickly apparent that something just didn’t seem right. In fact, something was missing. But what? Creative Director Charlie Rasak was the first to put his finger on it… Visuals! And when I say visuals I mean graphics, videos, pictures – all these things that Creative Resources Group is best known for. These things needed to be front and center. Not hidden in links and sublinks within blocks and blocks of text!

And suddenly it was obvious. CRG’s new site just wasn’t CRG!

So the overhaul to the overhaul began. And with our Internet Marketing Director Peter Cahill at the helm, an all-new-new was designed and completed in no time flat. Peter incorporated much of the portfolio content from the old (all-new) meetcrg and placed it front and center in a new, graphic and video based layout. Editor/Associate Producer Jessica Banis (hey, that’s me!) created a fun and fast paced introduction to our Video Production department to be placed right on the homepage.

Now, visitors to the site make no mistake about CRG’s core competencies and services. The intro video showcases the best of the best from a wide variety of clients – automotive, government, financial, corporate, fitness, and more. Then, just to the left, view designs from Art Director Dennis Huston. Just to the left of that, a link to our new internet broadcast product, iCasting Works – all still on the homepage! And if you’re still interested in reading about us, there’s some text there too.

Plus, if you think the homepage is cool, just wait until you see the rest of the site! So go ahead, click back there – And have fun! I kno