CRG Announces Major Storage Upgrades!

Next to death, today’s most common fear is the loss of personal data. Imagine how devastated you would feel after losing all your digital pictures, videos, and personal documents on your home computer. These are things you cannot replace.

At Creative Resources Group, your media assets are similarly valuable and irreplaceable. The footage from last years conference, the voice over for your phone on hold, the scripts for last month’s television commercial, the design for the spring billboard… it’s all part of your asset library, housed right here at CRG.

At Creative Resources Group, the care of your media assets is a top priority. And we know, when it comes to protecting them, nothing is more important then redundancy… Although sheer storage space (and lots of it) comes in a close second.

So we’re proud to introduce the implementation of a brand new storage and backup system. The new system features four times more space then the previous, with eight two-terabyte drives. (Yes, that’s a total of sixteen terabytes! Your home computer probably has less then one half of one terabyte – 500GB.) The new system is also RAID configured, which protects your data in case one of the eight drives were to go down. Additionally, your media is mirrored on a second storage system for backup.

Looking into the near future, Creative Resources Group will be duplicating your media assets once again – this time offsite, for maximum protection against natural and other disasters that could result in total office annihilation. Expect this change as soon as fall, 2010.

So rest assured! Your media assets are in good hands.

And, don’t forget, with so much storage space available, CRG can handle any large or
long format video project. For more information, just head back to our website.