CRG Partners with Howard County General Hospital, a member of Johns Hopkins Medicine, on Fundraising Project

Howard County General Hospital, a member of Johns Hopkins Medicine and a top hospital on, is a not-for-profit health care provider relying on the generosity of donors. Their basic mission: “provide high-quality, comprehensive care and, in the process, improve the health of their community.” So whether it be advanced patient care, state-of-the-art facility or equipment upgrades, or health education and other community programs, successful fundraising is critical.

For their latest effort, Howard County General Hospital partnered with Creative Resources Group to create a compelling appeal via web video. Though CRG is renowned for their expertise in the highest quality video production and editing, this project used a pre-existing video, “Room 4117, A Look at Humanity in Geriatric Care,” in which a daughter reads a powerful letter of thanks for the end-of-life care her father received at HCGH.

Using “Room 4117,” Creative Resources Group created a video microsite, a single page website separate from HCGH’s main site. The microsite featured a large-size version of the video, a small descriptive paragraph, and a large “Make a Donation” button that would lead visitors straight to HCGH’s online donation form. The straightforward design allows the video to tell the entire heartfelt story and, unlike HCGH’s main website, leaves no other links or buttons for visitors to be distracted by.

To drive visitors to the microsite, Creative Resources Group created a video email, or V-Mail, to be sent to a mailing list of 60,000 potential donors. The V-Mail features a short text appeal from the “Room 4117” author, a couple select photos, and an animated gif that entices recipients to click through to the microsite, where they can watch the video in its entirety.

The Email that Creative Resources Group Created

Though the campaign is still in progress, both CRG and Howard County General Hospital are eagerly awaiting the final analytics. The power of the video and the simplicity of the donation funnel are almost certain to produce positive results.

Creative Resources Group is an advertising and marketing company thankful for this opportunity to be a part of the fundraising effort for Howard County General Hospital, a member of Johns Hopkins Medicine. To learn how CRG’s unique marriage of video and new media marketing can work for your organization or business, contact us today.