CRG’s All-New Client Destination!

For years, CRG’s Client Destination has been your personal content approval portal. Just click the link on’s homepage and log in with your personalized username and password. From there, you’re connected to your latest TV ads, videos, voice over files, radio spots, incentive forms, and more! Available anywhere you have an internet access, CRG’s Client Destination makes it easy to view, share, and approve your content across town or across the globe.

And now, it’s even easier, thanks to our all-new and improved Client Destination! Inspired by our new website, the new Client Destination is sleek and even more user friendly. Just login as you always have, through’s homepage link.

On your new Client Destination, you’ll notice that the file type is represented by icons on the left hand side. Is it video? Is it audio? Is it a document? Is it a logo? Now you’ll be able to tell at a quick glance. Plus, with the “Last Modified” date category on the right, you’ll be able to tell which are the newest items or most current versions. Ready to check out your latest content? Just click on the “Play” or “View” link.

Here’s where things get really cool!

No longer do you have to wait for items to download to your desktop. No more do you have to worry about Mac vs. PC file types. CRG’s Client Destination has its own built in audio/video player! Best of all, you can post a public comment right there, so everyone on your creative team will be on the same page in terms of questions, suggestions, changes, or approvals. Plus, comments are immediately emailed to CRG, so we can implement your changes faster then ever!

Need to send a file to CRG? The new Client Destination can help! Just click on the Upload Files link and follow the easy instructions. It’s a lot easier then trying to email large and cumbersome video, audio, or image files. And it’s a lot easier for those of you who need to send a large number of files too!

If you haven’t checked out the all-new Client Destination yet, log in today. You’ll be glad you did. Not a client yet? Head back over to our website: and check out everything Creative Resources Group can do for you today!