Lamoureux Ford and CRG Auto Create Ads You Can Believe In

East Brookfield, MA – November 2013 – Auto dealer advertising is all about the price, with competing dealerships in a fierce bidding war over lowest payments and biggest discounts. TV ads are often aggressive and loud, with long disclaimers in tiny type. Car shoppers caught in the cross hairs are frustrated when the vehicle they saw in those ads “was just sold this morning” or that the advertised discount is for “recent college graduates only.” It’s no wonder that customers have little to no faith in auto dealers.

Lamoureux Ford is out to change all that with their newest ad campaign, “Believe It,” from ad agency, Creative Resources Group, CRG Auto.

An actor against a black background portrays a typical experience with deceptive automotive advertising, based on actual Lamoureux Ford customer comments. “If you’re going to give me the price of a truck,” he says. “Give me the price of a real truck.” The payoff? “When Lamoureux Ford gives you a price for real value – Believe It!” The television ads are simple and dramatic, designed to break through the hype of competitive ads and devalue them to Lamoureux’s advantage.

“Today’s customer is intelligent and expects transparency,” says CRG Creative Director, Charlie Rasak. “They don’t fall for gimmicks and they know a scam when they see one.”

“Believe It” confronts traditional dealer ads head-on, and invites customers to draw their own conclusions. “Now, whenever someone else comes on TV with ‘$55 a month,’ the customer is going to think twice,” says owner Marc Lamoureux.

Although bold in its approach, the campaign accurately reflects Lamoureux Ford’s customer service philosophy. “It’s simple,” says owner, Lionel Lamoureux. “Respect the customer, tell them the truth, and they’ll come back again and again.” Unlike others, Lamoureux can actually prove they have superior service. According to Ford customer surveys, their year to date sales satisfaction is 99% and their service satisfaction is 95%. They have also earned 19 Ford President’s Awards.

CRG Auto is grateful for the opportunity to work with a dealer of such integrity. “In fact, these are the only type of dealers we want to do business with,” says Rasak. “That statement is right on our website. These are the clients that appreciate and can benefit most from what CRG Auto has to offer… Modern, honest automotive marketing.”

Lamoureux Ford is proud to be on the people’s side, and proud of the “Believe It” campaign. Going into 2014, they plan to build on its success, portraying more real-life car shopping scenarios in all new ads for television, radio, and print. “It’s going to stir up some conversation in the industry,” says Lamoureux. “That’s for sure. But the message isn’t for our colleagues; it’s for our customers. And we think they’re really going to appreciate it.”