Lights, Camera, Music!

If you read CRG’s Rockin’ Out With the Fontaine Brothers blog, you may recall that the band was working on a new jingle for their friends at Toyota of Braintree – a hip new song inspired by TOB’s wildly popular “Switch It Up” jingle.

Well, just a couple weeks ago, Fontaine Brothers Luke and Ike Fontaine stopped by CRG HQ in Plymouth, MA, guitars in hand, to play us the new song. “Oh my my something beautiful,” they sang. “Oh my my something beautiful, it’s true! I switch it up for you!” And 30 seconds later, as they finished their last note, we were all in love. What a tune!

After CRG visited the Fontaine Brothers in their studio to record, we hit the drawing board and developed two initial music-based concepts for television. One involved the band playing in the showroom. The other was a classic love story… with a twist. (And no spoilers here! You’ll have to wait until the spot hits the air to find out what happens!)

Less than a week after the music recording, CRG gathered the Production Team, packed the production van, and arrived at Toyota of Braintree for a full day shoot. There was plenty to do. In addition to the two music-based concepts, CRG had two additional scripts and seasonal one-liners for co-owners Greg and David Tufankjian. Add in 10 extras courtesy of New England Actor, two videographers, and a 20-foot jib… Now that’s what we call a production! But the team was tight, and even after a bit of a late start, finished shooting all of Greg and David’s lines and cameos by 2pm. The rest of the afternoon belonged to the Fontaine Brothers!

TOB license plateDavid and Greg Tufankjian with Actress, Laura

Pride shotGreg, David, and Laura Finish the “Pride Shot”

Luke and Ike had already once performed the new jingle for all our extras, who were gathered upstairs in the TOB conference room. (A little dramatic motivation!) Now, it was time to hit the showroom!

In our typical CRG style, the talent are happy car shoppers, interacting with each other and vehicles in the showroom. Lots of smiles… lots of excitement… It’s an atmosphere of car-buying fun designed to evoke good feelings. (The subconscious, “Hey, that looks like fun – I want to have fun like that when I buy my next car!)

But this time, we were adding yet another element of excitement – the band! As the scene unfolds, the Fontaine Brothers were front and center, emerging from aside a vehicle, playing, singing, and walking towards the ascending jib as talent “danced” around them.

Fontaine shotThe Fontaine Brothers and Talent “Dance” in the Showroom

Jimmy Walorz of Mad River Productions and Charles Sayegh, President of Mad River Productions, (a Boston based record label that the Fontaine Brothers are signed to) were on set to oversee all the action.

CRG Creative Director Charlie Rasak and Editor/Associate Producer Jessica Banis coordinated the talent, calling out commands as they watched Jib Operator Wally Argo work his camera-flying magic. Loud actions like, “Big smiles everyone!” “Stay down!” “Stand Up!” “Keep moving!” or “Go to the Fontaines!” echoed across the showroom. As Wally motioned the jib expertly up, down, and across the scene, Videographer Caleb Rasak kept his eyes glued to the video monitor, focus controller in hand. He and Wally worked as a team to operate the camera mounted at the end of the long jib arm. Wally provided the motion while Caleb pulled focus – not an easy task with multiple changing points of interest. Meanwhile, hidden in a car on the showroom floor, Audio Engineer Adam Bruneau provided the soundtrack for Luke and Ike Fontaine to mime to – a simple iPhone plugged into a vehicle’s stereo.

Wally on jibWally Works the Jib

Caleb on FocusCaleb Pulls Focus

Everyone on the CRG team worked in concert. Even Production Assistants Gina Gaetano and Dennis Huston were instrumental to the success of the shot – moving lights and other equipment as needed, arranging talent, mindfully keeping track of TOB’s actual customers, and providing much needed support to the rest of the crew.

After at least 10 repetitions and more then a few adjustments, all the elements aligned and we had it! One beautiful, fluid, perfect shot. 30 seconds of cinematic gold… The talent moved perfectly, the Fontaine Brothers were right on cue, and the camera followed it all brilliantly. When the production team invited everyone back to view the shot on the monitor, all the actors had their cell phones ready – shooting our shot! And when it concluded, there was a huge round of applause.

But we weren’t done…. not just yet! Charlie (Rasak) called down owner Charlie Tufankjian and Luke Fontaine handed him the guitar, just for fun. Then, we rolled camera as the boys sang one last time. This time, the talent danced and clapped their hands in a tight group around the band. Greg and David Tufankjian spied their dad with the guitar and joined in too. The day was over, the sun was setting, and everyone had an honestly good time. Many of our actors and actresses even grabbed a picture with the Fontaine Brothers.

Fontaine and Group Rockin Out

Group SmileThe Whole Gang – Job Well Done!

Now back at home, CRG’s post production team has plenty of work on their hands. But with all the amazing footage and great original music to edit to… It’s going to be a lot of fun to bring it all together!

Watch for Toyota of Braintree’s newest ads coming to a TV near you this February!

And if you’re looking for top-notch production… automotive advertising… or perhaps a custom music piece of your own, don’t hesitate to call on Creative Resources Group! or 508-830-0072.

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About The Fontaine Brothers

Courtesy of their YouTube Profile

Ike and Luke Fontaine began playing music together ten years ago. Ike sings and plays guitar and mandolin. Luke plays stand up bass, guitar and sings vocals. At a young age, Ike picked up the guitar and would sing at home with his father and grandmother. Luke started with the electric and stand up bass and would sing along with his brother and then later learned the guitar. They were inspired by their father who played guitar and lead vocals in a local bluegrass band. Soon they were playing in front of small crowds and writing songs. By 12 they overcame their stage fright as the warm-up act for their father’s band. They have currently gradated high school and are off to college in the fall and are working on a new LP this year in Boston.

Or, find them on Facebook and Twitter.