Perfection Fence Sunsation Savings Event is a Real Sensation!

The Setting:

Perfection Fence is a company that designs and manufactures high-end, custom outdoor architectural products such as fencing, railings, and pergolas. In May, 2012, after being off the air for the winter months, they were eager to advertise and capture customers looking to improve the look of their homes for the summer months. In particular, they hoped to convey better quality, service, and more custom design options than the big box stores that served as their strongest competition.

CRG’s Products:

To accomplish Perfection Fence’s goals, Creative Resources Group would air 15s commercials on broadcast television and 60s radio commercials on radio. Both ads would drive viewers and listeners to, where they would be greeted with an iCasting popover. (iCasting is a registered trademark of Creative Resources Group) The iCasting would feature a more lengthy video to fully explain the Perfection company and products and ask visitors who were interested in more information to fill out the accompanying lead generation form.

CRG’s Approach:

Creative Resources Group created the Perfection Fence Sunsational Savings Event, a campaign that could continue to run for the entire summer season. No pricing was featured. The Perfection Fence customer would care more about a quality, unique product then a low price. So the copy focused on experience, custom design, manufacturing, service, and “special savings.”

In executing the ads, a soft, British female voiceover added an air of elegance and luxury, while beautiful animated photographs of Perfection products and select reinforcing text illustrated the copy.

The Result:

As shown by CRG’s iTrack analytics, Perfection’s Sunsational Savings Event was one of their most successful, with 1059 total iCast video views. Out of those, 91 filled out the form, for a conversion rate of 6.27% That means that for approximately every 16 visitors, 1 filled out the form.

Notably, it’s easy to see on the iTrack graph when Perfection Fence’s television spots aired: Friday June 1st through Monday June 4th. (Again and again, CRG has found a direct correlation between broadcast air dates and iCasting visitor spikes.) As luck would have it, the weekend of June 1st through the 4th was also cold and rainy. It is very likely that more people were inside watching television.

The combination of coordinated creatives in television, radio, and iCasting, along with intelligent media placement, helped Perfection Fence capture the customers they were looking for and convey their high-end branding message. Creative Resources Group will continue the Sunsational Savings Event throughout the season to keep Perfection Fence top of mind with consumers.

*iCasting is a registered trademark of Creative Resources Group.