Located in Warren, Rhode Island, Imagine Gift Store is the largest gift shop in New England, featuring three floors of products in a fully restored historic theatre building.

Key Projects:

  • Website Development
  • Photography

Project Spotlight: Website Development

In 2016, Imagine Gifts came under new ownership and wanted to showcase their unique location and eclectic collection of products with an all-new website.

To gather the necessary content, Creative Resources Group spend two days shooting on location, capturing photos in every nook and cranny of Imagine’s expansive retail space. The pictures were then categorized online, creating a virtual tour to highlight dozens of notable brands and products.

In 2019, CRG facilitated Imagine Gifts’ next step, integrating an online storefront and pop-up coupon offers for seasonal/holiday sales. Today, the website continues to flourish with more and more products available for purchase online.

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