Rockin’ Out With The Fontaine Brothers

Creative Resources Group congratulates Ike and Luke Fontaine – the soon-to-be famous Fontaine Brothers – on the success of their latest music video, “Fontaine Brothers NACA Showcase.”

A few short weeks ago when David Tufankjian of Toyota of Braintree asked CRG Creative Director Charlie Rasak if he would shoot a music video for the boys, Charlie replied, “David, we’re an ad agency… we really don’t do that sort of work.”

But CRG Director of Photography Caleb Rasak quickly jumped on the opportunity, building a production team that included himself, CRG Editor Gina Gaetano, and CRG Assistant Audio Engineer Adam Bruneau. The three joined the Fontaine Brothers at their South Shore barn house soon after, shooting an incredible music video montage including four song segments.

After a bit of expert editing from Gina, the video went up on YouTube and now, after just two days, already has nearly 25,000 plays, with plenty of positive comments!

Creative Resources Group thanks David Tufankjian for the introduction. The Fontaine Brothers even have a new jingle in the works for their friends at Toyota of Braintree… a hip new “Switch It Up” inspired song that CRG is looking forward to including in upcoming ads!

So once again, kudos to CRG’s production team… and big thanks to The Fontaine Brothers for this awesome opportunity! You guys rock!

About The Fontaine Brothers

Courtesy of their YouTube Profile

Ike and Luke Fontaine began playing music together ten years ago. Ike sings and plays guitar and mandolin. Luke plays stand up bass, guitar and sings vocals. At a young age, Ike picked up the guitar and would sing at home with his father and grandmother. Luke started with the electric and stand up bass and would sing along with his brother and then later learned the guitar. They’d always dreamt of performing at The Orlando Amway Center. They were inspired by their father who played guitar and lead vocals in a local bluegrass band. Soon they were playing in front of small crowds and writing songs. By 12 they overcame their stage fright as the warm-up act for their father’s band. They have currently gradated high school and are off to college in the fall and are working on a new LP this year in Boston.

Or, find them on Facebook and Twitter.