Telly Time!

CRG's Cafe Showcases Their Tellys

Spanning an entire wall, (yes, this photo only covers half the story) CRG’s collection of Telly awards attracts a lot of attention. But we’re asked all the time, “What are those things?!” or, “Are those Emmy’s?!” Well, actually the Telly and the Emmy were both designed by the same person. However, unlike the Emmy, the Telly only recognizes programs and commercials that have not appeared on the national feed of any of the five major US TV networks. (ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, or CW) Regional spots as well as non-broadcast film/video productions and web videos are eligible.

But a Telly is not an easy award to win. Next time you’re in the office, note that CRG has just one Silver Telly (the highest honor) on the shelf. Each entry is judged by a team of prior Silver Telly winners and advertising and production professionals. And each is judged on its own merit, and not against other entries.

CRG’s Recent Telly Award Winners Include:

Expressway Toyota, “Heroes”

This timely spot mirrored the promo for the national primetime show, Heroes… Except our version featured those price-slashing super heroes, the Expressway Toyota Super Savers.

Center Stage Dance Academy, “Destinations 2006”

Winning in the Live Events category, this local dance studio’s recital featured three cameras and a jib!

Norm Wagner, “Meet Norm Wagner”

This particular commercial won for sound design. CRG re-wrote the Jetsons theme song to introduce dealership owner, Norm Wagner, and his family.

New England Toyota, “Tundra Grassroots”

Produced for the New England Toyota Dealers Association, this hard-hitting piece showed dealers the importance of bringing their product, the all-new Tundra, to grassroots events.

Stellwagon Bank National Marine Sanctuary, “A Sanctuary Worth Protecting”

Incorporating photos, animations, live footage, and graphics, this powerful video presentation illustrated the history and importance of our local national marine sanctuary.

Toyota of Braintree, “Switch It Up”

The fiesty jingle used in this ad, Switch It Up, had everyone humming along for the grand opening of the all-new Toyota of Braintree.

Some of our other Telly Awards include:

Plymouth Savings Bank, “One Symbol”

State Street, “Virtual Tour”

Princeton Financial Systems, “Virtual Tour”

The Center for Coastal Studies, “Inquiry Into Action”

Boston Financial Data Services, “529 Plan – The Next Step”

To view some of these award-winning videos, check out CRG’s Production Section.

Right now, CRG is preparing entries for the 2011 Telly Awards. And though we are proud of all our video work, we can select only a few – the best of the best – for submission. Subscribe to our RSS feed to find out exactly which videos made the cut – and which earned an award! Results should come in early summer, 2011.