The All-New 2012 Dealer Form is Here!

As much as we hate to admit it, nobody liked our old online dealer form. (A digital automotive pricing and disclaimer submission tool just for CRG Auto clients.) Dealers told us they hated to fill them out. And, truth be told we didn’t like them very much either. When the forms came back to us via email they were strangely formatted, and it was difficult to find basic information quickly. (What’s the car? What’s the price?)

The All-New 2012 Dealer Form

The all-new 2012 dealer form design is much easier to navigate. The text is larger and spacing makes the form even easier to read. All the information remains the same, but you’ll see it’s now organized into four distinct rows. (Hey, now we can tell if this is a lease or buy for price! Wow!) Best of all, this newly formatted form functions the same way as the old one. Automotive clients will find it in their Client Destination labeled “Click View for Dealer Form.” Once the form has been completed, just hit submit at the bottom to send to the CRG team.

For those of you who like to print out your form and fax or email it back to us… (Which by the way is really redundant and we don’t recommend it. Please just hit submit and save us a heck of a lot of paper and aggravation here at the office.) Anyway, for those of you who must, we’ve now included a download link for you.

Back at CRG, we still receive the forms via email. However, for us, they’re now much easier to decipher. And that means your ads will be completed more quickly and efficiently with fewer (if any) errors.

Dealer Form FAQ

Why do I have to fill this thing out?

Today’s automotive compliance regulations and advertising laws require that we include a lot of very specific information in our automotive pricing disclaimers. The easiest way for us to make sure we have it all (and all correct) is for you to fill out the form. This keeps both of us compliant and legal.

Can’t I just give you the same information over the phone?

Information relayed person to person or over the phone can sometimes cause misinterpretations and errors. With the online dealer form, we have a clear and correct record of information that is more easily shared with the entire CRG team. This way, all your advertising reflects the same pricing and disclaimer information.

Can I print a form, fill it out, and then fax or email it back to you?

Technically, yes. However, handwritten forms can be difficult to read and we don’t recommend it. Also, as mentioned above, an online digital copy is more easily distributed to the entire CRG team and saves paper too.

What if I need to change my pricing? Or what if I made an error on a form?

Simply submit a new form, noting that this is a change order or a correction in the bottom “Additional Information” box. If we have any questions, we will give you a call.

I’ve been told I need to submit two lease payment leaders for my new television campaign. What do I need to do?

It’s the beginning of the month and CRG has requested pricing information for your ads. We’ve set aside a specific amount of space in your TV and print/online advertising, so you needn’t submit more vehicles and pricing then we ask for; there won’t be enough room for any extra. (Having trouble deciding? CRG recommends you choose your best deals on core cars.)

Also, once CRG has requested pricing information, complete your dealer forms as soon as possible. There is often little time between when the factory incentives come out and when you begin airing… or when your online ad is live… or when your mailer goes out. Don’t forget, CRG needs enough time to produce the ads, send them to compliance, make any needed changes, get your approval, and deliver them to the appropriate outlet. Any delay in receipt of your dealer forms could lead to a missed deadline.