Coll, Sacchetti, & Associates Inc. (CSA) is a group of licensed public insurance adjusters serving new England for over 40 years.

Key Projects:

  • Website re-design and development
  • Creative Concept Development
  • Digital Marketing Plan
    • Digital Video Ads
    • Emailers with Custom Landing Pages
  • Business Collateral and Brochure

Project Spotlight: Digital Marketing

Although CSA first approached Creative Resources Group for a new website, it quickly became clear that what they needed was an overall marketing strategy to not only support the new site, but to help grow their business in a competitive insurance marketplace.

CRG’s strategy was twofold: first, educate potential customers with a video-based branding campaign. Then, drive new business leads after natural and other disasters using timely geo-targeted communications with a strong call to action. Key marketing elements included a 30-second ad for digital video/OTT and a group of email and landing page templates, staged and ready to be deployed quickly after storms, floods, etc.


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