Peters of Nashua is a New Hampshire auto group including Peters Honda and Peters Nissan.

Key Projects:

  • Full Service Automotive Agency Advertising and Marketing
    • Strategic Marketing and Media Planning
    • Creative Concept Development
    • Targeted Digital Marketing
      • Search (SEM)
      • Facebook/Instagram Ads
      • Digital Video Ads (YouTube, Facebook, OTT)
      • Display/Retargeting
      • Emailers
      • Custom web content and landing pages
    • Television/Radio Ads

Project Spotlight: Full Automotive Agency Services

Prior to Creative Resources Group/CRG Auto, Peters marketing was scattered, without a consistent brand style or message. Online, they employed multiple digital vendors, but didn’t know the real return that each service delivered.

Creative Resources Group/CRG Auto first performed an in-depth ROI analysis, measuring each digital element. The data allowed us to streamline all of Peters media, eliminating under-performers, reducing the overall budget, and creating a new blended marketing strategy coordinating only the most effective traditional and digital medias.

To separate Peters from strong competition in the market, CRG developed an all-new creative approach combining clean graphics, whimsical elements, and an unforgettable signature end tag. Their Telly Award winning, “I Pick Peters” campaign also incorporated attractive price leaders to drive website and showroom traffic. The new style and signature tagline was a driving force in re-establishing the Peters of Nashua brand.

Today, CRG continues to innovate for Peters. Their latest “1-2-3” campaign is jingle-based, with a rocking custom music track and new, illustrated elements. Bottom line, CRG’s unique creative execution and consistent, measured media strategy helps Peters earn a spot at the top of customers’ consideration lists.

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