A Creative Resources Group/CRG Auto client since 2005, Expressway Toyota has grown from a small Dorchester store to one of the New England market’s top performing Toyota dealerships.

Key Projects:

  • Full Service Automotive Agency Advertising and Marketing
    • Strategic Marketing and Media Planning
    • Creative Concept Development
    • Targeted Digital Marketing
      • Digital Video Ads (YouTube, Facebook, OTT)
      • Emailers
      • Custom web content and landing pages
    • Television/Radio Ads
    • Direct Mail

Project Spotlight: Full Automotive Agency Services

Boston is a highly competitive automotive market. To not only keep pace, but to rise above the noise over so many years, Creative Resources Group/CRG Auto is continually innovating for Expressway Toyota, developing new creative and media strategies and evaluating emerging technology.

At the start of 2021, CRG launched a groundbreaking all-animated branding approach for Expressway. For decades, owners Robert and Richard Boch had been known for their superhero advertising alter-egos, “the Supersavers.” Over the years, CRG featured the characters in countless ads using a combination of live-action and green screen footage.

Now, inspired by classic cartoons and movies, CRG’s animated take on Expressway’s iconic Supersaver characters is yet another bold departure from traditional car ads and unlike anything else on the airwaves.

Supporting the creative, the media approach is often a combination of digital media, including OTT, social media video ads, and email, along with strategic broadcast TV. Each ad is carefully crafted to work with the media plan and the sales message is aligned with Expressway’s inventory and goals for a truly seamless customer experience.

“Creative Resources Group has been instrumental to our growth and success over the past 15 years. They remain at the forefront of new technology and ideas, but above all, we work together to plan growth with consistent, results-driven marketing strategies.” – Robert and Richard Boch

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