MAIA/Trusted Choice

Key Projects:

  • Strategic Marketing and Media Planning
  • Creative Concept Development
  • TV Commercial Production
MAIA/Trusted Choice

Project Spotlight: Strategic Marketing, Creative, and Production

The Massachusetts Association of Insurance Agents (MAIA) is an organization made up of over 1,500 local independent agents.

In the highly competitive insurance industry, MAIA’s objective was to slow the local migration to giants like Geico and Progressive. To accomplish this, Creative Resources Group created a broadcast-based marketing strategy to increase awareness and educate a mass audience on the benefits of a local, independent agent.

CRG recognized that MAIA could not, should not, try to out-spend the nearly unlimited budgets of national providers. Instead, we outsmarted them, taking one of their key selling points (speed) and turning it against them. The Telly Award winning Lemonade Stand theme was a perfect vehicle, using trustworthy, innocent kids to deliver a strong message against the nationals.

CRG customized the ad for between 12 and 15 of MAIA’s partner insurance companies, creating unique broadcast weight and traffic schedules based on their contribution level, much like a small regional marketing association.

Despite a very challenging, competitive industry marketing space, CRG helped MAIA reach their objective, building brand awareness and curbing the exodus from local agent to direct provider.

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